Doctor Who Matryoshka doll

One upon a time I was bored. So I went and made my very own Doctor Who stacked dolls...

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Review: The Dalek Asylum

That akward moment when canon catches up with your story and makes it AU…

I’m in love-hate with the newest episode of Doctor Who… While I loved the concept, the action and the jokes, there were a lot of things that bothered me.

Oswin I didn’t mind. Yes, she was being too awesome, but since I caught on to the fact something was wrong quite early in the episode ,so I didn’t mind too much. She’s basically thé Mary Sue, making herself the hero in her own mind. I did mind her ‘remember me’ directly into the camera… The fourth wall is there for several reasons: my suspense of disbelief being one of them….

I’m not going to write out all my issues, just the most important one: their divorce … The reason behind the troubles rang absolutely true, for both parties. But why start the episode with divorce papers, just to have them make up thirty minutes later! Why not just show they were having marital troubles… The emotional impact of that talk would not have lessened!

And why did no one mention River, when the Doctor mentioned holding on to love. She’s their daughter for Pete’s sake! They could have had Rory telling her to remember their daughter, which could have caused Amy to freeze up completely. That would have been a great setup for their talk as well.

Last, but not least: would it have killed them just to show one batsh*t crazy Dalek, mumbling about tricksy little dalekses? Or have one just spinning and twirling for the heck of it? I understand Oswin mucked about with their systems, but that wasn’t an asylum. It was a graveyard…   

Fruity Doctor Who

Warning for bad fanart!
Doctor Who: Nine, Eleven and River; featuring their favorite fruit!
grapes girls best friend

Fanart (Dorothy/Alica)
This, I kid you not, came to me in a dream. I honestly don't know...

AU: Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton movie) x The Wizard of Oz (I've only seen the songs on Youtube...)
Pairing: Dorothy/Alice 
Warning for badly drawn "fanart"

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Fic: All work and no play (The good wife, Kalinda/Tascione)

Title: All work and no play

Rating: PG

Persons involved: Kalinda Sharma / Elsbeth Tascione

Spoilers: S3, up until Another Ham Sandwich & the Syrian episode.  

Author's Notes: I like Kalinda. I like Tascione. I could imagine they both like – or at least respect - each other. Kalinda’s thoughts during Another Ham Sandwich and after.  

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Fic: Life, as witnessed by Rory Williams

Updating! I'm getting better at it!

Fic: Black Knight to White Queen (Blade the Series)


Title: Black Knight to White Queen
Rating: Mature (for language and groping)
Persons involved: Chase / Krista
Spoilers: Season 1. AU from the last 10 minutes. 
Author's Notes: How I would have liked season two to start (with a few changes), in 3 drabbles: 100 – 150 -200. AU.

“That ungrateful little cow,” Chase swore under her breath. She would have screamed, but the pain from the fall had taken her breath away.

Inch by inch she crawled to the underground garage, planning to hide away in one of the pureblood’s bullet- and sun-proofed limousines until all the commotion had passed. She was lucky: Lord Rusk planned on having a snack after the meeting. A terrified and securely bound cheerleader greeted her, when she had finally pried the car door open.

Things were looking up. Soon she’d heal and she could start planning her revenge on that traitorous Krista.   


Krista burst into the room, as Blade and Marcus were fighting to the death.

“Let him go!” she yelled at the Daywalker, but couldn’t muster the correct amount of anger in her voice, since she longed for nothing more than to see the blonde die in agony.

Marcus suddenly understood how he’d been betrayed and Blade used his distraction to slay him.

“Damned,” Blade cursed. “We still needed him.”

Krista stared at the ashes of her ‘creator’: “Whatever for?”

“Vampires abhor a power vacuum. Without Marcus, there is nothing stopping the Armayans, or worse, to take over Chton’s territory".

He stared intently at her: “We’ll need a mole to observe the power struggle.”

“I’m out,” Krista spoke. Her brother was avenged, the game was over. Why didn’t she feel better?

A katana was suddenly thrust against her neck. “If you’re not with us, you’re just another vampire that needs killing.”   


It had taken her the better part of six nights to travel back to Toronto. Blade’s idea, to make her story about a narrow escape more realistic.

To punish her, more likely.

She never thought she’d be happy to see Sabine again. At the secretary’s surprised cry, a mass of curious vampires gathered. Krista was surprised to see everyone looking the same, as if nothing had happened.

Time to start the act. “I saw him kill Marcus. I just ran,” she sobbed.

“Krista?” Another voice questioned.

It couldn’t be her! She was dead, wasn’t she?

“Chase… But how?”

Before she realised, she was engulfed in the blonde’s embrace. Her very tight embrace.

“Marcus sent me out for snacks.” Chase stated out loud. Krista could tell it was a practiced backstory and most of Chton believed it by now. “By the time I arrived back with the bodies, everyone was dead.”

‘Play along dear,’ Chase whispered in her ear. ‘I’ll make it worth your while.’

Krista made the necessary sympathetic noises for their audience and managed not to respond to Chase’s condescending pat on her behind. She’d retaliate later.

At least with Chase here, her new mission would never be dull. 

Doctor Who Drabbles

Hello, my name is HappierHere and I suck at writing multichapter fics…

To make it up to you: 2 Rory-centred drabbles which –thanks to the wibbly wobbly nature of the Doctor Who Universe – fit nicely in my 'Life, as witnessed by Rory Williams'-series.

First one is somewhat inspired by the song of Chameleon Circuit: An Awful Lot of Running. Look it up on youtube: worth your time!The second one is inspired by my planned trip to NY and the Doctor Who Novel 'The Forgotten Army'. I hope you get the inside joke without having read the book.

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Criminal Minds x Leverage, Europe
criminal minds

Title: Europe

Rating: Mature

Persons involved: Emily Prentiss (CM) en Sophie Devereaux (Leverage).

Spoilers: For Criminal Minds: this drabble plays before the Doyle episodes (but with knowledge of 'Lauren'). No spoilers for Leverage, set somewhere in the first season.

Author's Notes: Trying my hand at drabbles. An excellent way to learn how to cut excess words and fun to get out some of my ideas on paper instead of letting them marinate in dust inside my brain... 200 words!

Most days she tries to forget living in Europe.

In the US she's Agent Prentiss. FBI. BAU. Professional.
There she was little Emmy, later Lauren and in between everyone she needed to be.

But her mother asked sincerely, so she's at her house for a fundraiser, debating in French and laughing in Italian. She's rather good at being the charming daughter of Ambassador Prentiss. On the inside however she's dying for smoke.

And then she spots her: Sophie Devereaux, con-artiste extraordinaire, hanging on the arm of one of the benefactors of tonight. The man is an ass, Emily knows, known for ruining more than one of his female interns' lives. Unfortunately the agent in her can't just look the other side.

Arm firmly stuck in Prentiss' grip, Sophie still manages to exhume confidence.

'Agent, long time no see,' she teased, leaving Emily to wonder why Sophie used her title –with emphasis - instead of using her name.

A name she had screamed… she firmly pushed the memories of that one night in Bratislava aside.

Her blush betrayed her thoughts however and so did her feet. Instead of escorting the thief out, she led her upstairs.

Some memories could be revisited.

Loose ends

Series: Life, as witnessed by Rory Williams
Part two: Loose ends

 A few weeks later, people started to ask about Mels’ absence. They couldn’t tell them  - they had no idea where or rather when she was -, so they just shrugged and said: ‘Somewhere out there, wandering. You know what she’s like.’

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Her first visit

 ‘Mother,’ River spoke indulgently, ‘The Pandorica, that’s just a myth!’ The ‘Right?’ remained unspoken, but could easily be read from her face.

Amy just smiled infuriatingly.



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